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Lamia, the wife of an official in the court of the local potentate, is so beautiful that her pulchritude has become proverbial in the region, and the Sheikh becomes determined to have her.

The thought of Mani, gloriously, fosters universal tolerance of belief and worship, in a world obsessed with the dominance and mastery of one, one power, one faith, one way.

In the Name of Identity

This is a story, a story about one of the most elightened yet obscure prophets the world has ever seen. He became editor of the international edition of An-Nahar, then editor-in-chief of the weekly Jeune Afrique, before giving up all his posts to dedicate himself to literature.

No, surely, Jesus died in order to show that the soul, "the Light within", is eternal, so that we might have the courage to confront our oppressors.

Book Review: Balthasar’s Odyssey by Amin Maalouf

It includes novels, essays and opera librettos, notably: The autobiographical ingredients emerging from his memory of his Lebanese family, friends, village, and mountain, must not, he says, be taken in a personal, but rather in a collective sense.

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But even when he attains a following which includes the King of the Great Sassanian Empire of Persia, Mani knows all to well the strength of the forces of Darkness. Exellent Book By Said Padshah on Aug 14, Every line of the book was interesting and sometimes I had to force myself to stop reading and sleep.

Forced to emigrate by the war in Lebanon, he settled in Paris, where he resumed journalism, and from where he started to travel again, from Mozambique to Iran and from Argentina to the Balkans. Characters[ edit ] Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan, later known as Leo Africanus, the titular character and the narrator of the book.

He seduces her, and Lamia bears a child. Adolescents who feel their identity is not easily categorizable People who feel anxious about the homogenization of culture Any individual who wants to better understand the modern clash of civilizations Amin Maalouf is a French-Lebanese novelist who has written seven books, including The Gardens of Light, Leo Africanus and The Rock of Tanios, which was awarded the the Goncourt Prize.

Synthesizing the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Zoroaster, Mani emphasizes tolerance and pacifism, not--as Western historians often claim--a reductive good vs.

Beginning their flight in terror and remorse, the two fugitives soon become embroiled in the machinations tearing the country apart. Without these cookies, we can't provide services to you. By Roger Weld on Jan 24, He was formerly director of the weekly international edition of the leading Beirut daily an-Nahar, and editor in chief of Jeune Afrique.

Local legend has it that Tanios, who has taken on mythic status, sat on the chair and was never seen again. My name is Mani and I had always wondered about Mani the prophet, his teachings, and his lifestory.

As it is always the case with Amin Maalouf's writings that you get the whole package, of nice story, knowlledge about history, culture, art and relegion of the region it covers. That is my one objection to Maalouf's book.

Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services. In addition it may serve as an intro into the history of the Sassanian Empire. Hij studeerde sociologie en economie alvorens journalist te worden. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

He has told an inspring story that may keep readers awake through many a late night. My only complaint is that the author had focused more on Mani's painting talents. The Persian King Shapur grants Mani an audience, allows him to preach, and the two form a tortured and difficult friendship, as Mani's message becomes entangled with a well-meaning ruler and with war and the ways of the world.

In won hij de Prix Goncourt voor zijn boek Le rocher de Tanios. Overall, if you are interested in Mani or the Sassanian Empire the book can be a good starting point, but otherwise it's a nice, but missable read. However, Mani's words and actions in Maalouf's book leave an essential question unanswered: Despite the intolerance of his father's sect, he teaches toleration and an end to religious bigotry, to religions which preach hatred and "only show their solidarity by confrontations with others.

He was the director of An-Nahar, the leading newspaper in Beirut, and lives in Paris. To "save our souls" as is often heard? His literary work, written in French, is today translated into more than 40 languages. While filled with biographical hypotheses and historical speculations, the book offers a vivid description of the Renaissance world, with the decline of the traditional Muslim kingdoms and the hope inspired by the Ottoman Empire, as it grew to threaten Europe and restore Muslim unity.

As if God cares about the petty sins of which most people are guilty! Maalouf also shows Mani as a pacifist, artist,vegetarian, and follower of the life of the intellect.

Is it he who lets children die and the innocent be ill-treated? The deserts, oases, gardens, roads and cities brim with the excitements of new ways of thinking and new ways of living. But Maalouf has woven a beautiful story of Mani which integrates the sparse details of his life with a history of the dynasties of Persia.

In the Name of Identity:The Rock Of Tanios by Maalouf, Amin. Paperback. Very Good. Buy The Rock Of Tanios New Ed by Amin Maalouf (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible kaleiseminari.coms: Born in Lebanon inAmin Maalouf made his home in Paris inshortly after the outbreak of the Lebanese civil war.

He has published over five novels as well as journalism, essays, and works of history. His fifth novel, The Rock of Tanios, won the Prix Goncourt and he is the author of the. Buy The Rock Of Tanios by Amin Maalouf from Waterstones today!

Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £ Free PDF Download Books by Amin Maalouf. An exploration of myth, passion and loyalty from the Lebanon's troubled past, The Rock of Tanios is another superbly rich. It is the sixth novel published by Amin Maalouf, who has received the Prix Goncourt for his novel The Rock of Tanios and went on to become a member of the Académie française.

Although he writes in French, his native tongue is Arabic.

The rock of tanios amin maalouf
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