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InCommunist leader Mao Zedong was elected chairman of the newly established Soviet Republic of China, based in Kiangsi province in the southwest.

Long March Essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. On June 25, the Politburo held a conference in Lianghekou trying to plan the tasks of the Communists after the conference. Go on, contact us today and place your order.

As a result of the war, China had to agree to open up more to trade from European countries and ceded Hong Kong to Britain on year lease — it was the expiry of this lease which led to the return of Hong Kong to Chinese hands in June When Mao was able to join his troops he rode on horseback most of the time.

In other words, Mao lost all his titles and power in the Red Army. He planned a military uprising at Nanchang, and hoped that?? Lin Biao died in in what was officially described as a helicopter crash when he was trying to flee to Mongolia after an assassination attempt on Mao.

By there were an estimated million people in China, but there then followed decades of destruction and mayhem and the figure was not matched until the s. For most, that has not been a problem. At this time, Chiang lost the support of the Soviet Union.

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Unlike Sun Yat Sen, Chiang was born to wealthy parents. By narrowly escaping defeat and destruction through the Long March, the Communists were able to re-build support to fight the Nationalists once again, and this time they won.

Lin came to stand for the arrogant Party official who abuses his power. The troops were forced to fast for days at a time. This army was set up in such a way that it was a paid service and had rations. This position gradually came under strain as the European powers grew in the nineteenth century.

Secrecy and rear-guard actions confused the Nationalists, and it was several weeks before they realized that the main body of the Red Army had fled. China collapsed into a state of near anarchy.

The troops would march late in the evening so as to avoid enemy bombing. In the summer months?? Mao began to lose?? But Mao and his contemporaries had become fully aware that revolution in China could only happen if the peasantry — 90 percent of the population — were engaged. Mao Ze Dong launched the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution inin what appeared to be a massive cleansing policy to ensure the final victory of Mao and his clique over the rest of the Chinese Communist party.

The route used by the communists was the trickiest terrain in west China as they first traveled west then later North finding their way to Shaanxi. I have done with that cumbrous washing and getting dry; My tiresome comb is forever laid aside.

The Long March

Since then, the movement has undergone several massive upheavals: All of the planks had been removed, yet miraculously the Red Army was able to cross it. Father of Republican China.?? The Communists generally marched at night, and when the enemy was not near, a long column of torches could be seen snaking over valleys and hills into the distance.


The March was a bitter struggle and one that only one-tenth of the army managed to complete.One of the most important of these leadership traits is loyalty. In The Long March, all the characters showed a loyalty of some kind - some to their country, some to their Marine Corps, some to themselves.

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An interesting conflict of loyalty occurred, however, through Sgt O'Leary and Col Templeton. The Long March Essay Sample. The Long March is embedded deep in the psychology of the Chinese communist party. Of the men who took power when the Communists finally won inalmost all of them had been on the Long March in In fact, the Long March was a long retreat from Chinese Communism’s first experiment.

The Long March

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The Long March in China was a military defeat, but a political victory. This statement, with supporting evidence that will be presented in this essay, is correct. Confirmation of their military defeat is the continuos military disasters, lack of weapons and the large amount of Red Army Soldiers" that died.4/4(3).

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